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Garden suites - build a second-family home

On top of secondary suites and laneway suites, Toronto joined the list of Canadian cities allowing garden suites.

What are garden suites?

Garden suites are an exciting new housing opportunity for homeowners to add a fully separate, detached housing unit to their yards. Garden suites are basically one-unit detached residential structures that comprise a bathroom and kitchen facility. They are designed to be portable and are permitted only where a site-specific, temporary zoning bylaw allows one. A single-family home can be converted to have up to three units like the main house, a secondary suite in the main house plus an accessory structure.

Garden suites are also known as Coach Houses, Granny Flats and Detached Accessory Dwelling Units. These could present a partial solution to rapid urbanization, housing affordability issues and the increasing desire for different multi-generational households to reside on the same property.

Temporary zoning bylaw

This is a contract between you and the municipality where the municipality actually changes the zoning for your property only to allow your family members to live in a separate temporary apartment in the backyard.

First of all, we will submit an application with the name of the garden suite occupant, a sketch of your property, and desired timeline. As it requires a special review of your property, a meeting, and a rezoning decision, it costs as much as other minor re-zoning cases. The review and decision processes generally take several months.

However, we help you throughout the process. Our team of experts can guide you through every stage of your garden suite project or be there with you from start to finish.

Why build a garden suite?

There are many different and great reasons why you should consider building a garden suite on your property, such as:

  • Extra Income: Rent out your garden suite to earn additional money. You can let others use it as an art studio, a music class studio, or let some elderly stay. 
  • Increased Value: By adding a garden suite to your home, you can definitely increase the property’s overall resale value. 
  • Remote Workspace: You can use your garden suite as a remote workspace. Work outside of the house, yet not leaving your property, without any distractions.
  • Additional Housing: With this temporary construction, you can always house your loved ones. Be it elderly parents, family, or friends, you can always have your loved ones close
Your property’s potential value might surprise you.

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