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    Laneway Pros is a team of expert guides, architects, etc. who are dedicated to excellence and unparalleled work. We believe that creative designs are the result of an understanding between our team and our clients. For every client, we strive hard to understand their needs and apply their feedback and ideas to our designs. We use our expertise to ensure that the result is as desired.


    Before constructing a laneway home or garden suites, a lot of things should be considered. We help you with:

    • Where and when you can build
    • How to lower the carbon print
    • How to avoid the common pitfalls
    • How to create the right budget for your laneway home or garden suite
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    Laneway homes or garden suites are secondary residences that are constructed behind your primary residence.  Laneway homes are generally built on top of the garage and have access to a public laneway. Garden suites are fully detached  residential structures on your property that do not abut to a public laneway. Both these solutions  serve as great alternatives to basement apartments as they offer top-notch quality space and the main house remains relatively undisturbed. 

    Laneway Pros offer beautifully designed laneway homes and garden suites in different floor plans with the option of keeping the garage or not. With different color palettes to choose from, each concept suite offers unique and quality finishes.

    Our Services

    laneway home designs
    • Conceptualization (which plan fits)
    • Budgeting (Prices and Estimates)
    • Finishes (The Interior finishes)
    • Design Map (Overview of processes)
    • Calendering (Timelines for start and finish)
    laneway suites Toronto
    • Permit Application (Applying for the city permit)
    • Timeline Estimation (When can project start and end)
    • Project/Trade Scheduling and Management
    • Materials Procurement (All materials must be ordered and delivered prior to commencement of project)
    • Budget Review (Going over initial budgets, Looking over upgrades or contingencies )
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    • Execution 
    • City Inspections
    • Finishings
    • Pre-delivery Inspection
    • Delivery
    • Warranty Work
    • Budget Actualization Vs Estimation

    Role of the province

    As per the Building Code Act and the Building Code, the province sets out uniform building standards across Toronto. The role of the municipality is to administer and enforce the building code within their jurisdiction. The act was changed in the year 2019 to require municipalities to adopt official plan policies and pass zoning by-laws that allow one additional residential unit in the primary residence. The Planning Act removes different zoning barriers to the creation of additional residential units and sets different standards and requirements. 

    Role of the municipality

    The municipalities allow the construction of laneway housing. If you are looking forward to building a laneway house, it is important to go through the local rules. Your municipality may use other terms in their documents comprising laneway suites, tiny homes, coach houses, accessory dwelling units, garden suites, etc. We will be there to guide you through the plan policies, zoning by-laws and also permit requirements. 


    If your property doesn’t comply with the municipality’s by-laws, you will not be allowed to construct a laneway house. In this case, you will be required to take a zoning by-law amendment or a minor variance. Zoning requirements and standards have a big impact on your thought about creating a laneway suite. It can vary according to the municipality. 

    Provision for emergency access

     It is imperative to always have provision for emergency access. To provide access  to firefighters or emergency medical service, the municipalities look for an unobstructed path or route. Before designing your laneway house, you need to keep this in mind. Before we start building a new laneway house, we will need to find out your particular municipality’s emergency access requirements. 

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    A professional laneway house builder in Toronto or the GTA can lead you in the right direction. The City Of Toronto has regulations on what to prepare before starting a new project.

    A building permit is required for any construction, demolition and/or changes on a property.

    The application for a building permit is reviewed under Building Code regulations. Our experts at Laneway Pros can provide you with information on understanding regulations that are required for approval.

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    We craft unique urban homes tailored to your family’s needs. Whether your focus is on sustainability, accessibility, flexibility, or all of the above, our team can help bring your vision a reality.
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    Your property’s potential value might surprise you.

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